The PROJECTS include:
WASTE Africa, in conjunction with Chanja Datti (Recycling) Co. Ltd. partnered with Flemer Project Initiative and Rule of Law and Empowerment Initiative also known as Partners West Africa Nigeria (PWAN) to provide free legal representations and support to indigent pre-trial detainees charged with minor offences and to ensure decongestion of correctional centers by collaborating to raise funds to be used to pay fines for convicted inmateswho have been sentenced in lieu of imprisonment.

Nigeria’s prison system is overcrowded, underfunded, with inadequate hygiene and other severe inadequacies that pose threats to the safety and security of the inmates. The primary cause of overcrowding in Nigerian prisons is the large population of individuals awaiting trial and conviction – pre-trial detainees. According to researches, pre-trial detainees account for 70% of prison inmates in Nigeria, and one-fifth of them have been in custody for over a year.

Although our prisons are filled with criminals who have committed heinous crimes, most pre-trial detainees are ordinary people accused of minor offences. Many pre-trial detainees are still in custody because they are too poor to afford bail or legal representation.

The current goal of the Initiative is to support 1,000 pre-trial detainees with 1,000,000kg of recyclable materials.
The long-term goal of the Initiative is to:

  • Provide legal representation and support to 1,000 pre-trial detainees.
  • Extend the Project to the 36 States of Nigeria.

It will require N30,000 to provide free legal representation and support to the beneficiaries of this Initiative. We are monetizing recyclable waste at N30/kg to serve as a vehicle to give these detainees their day in court. This will be achieved through the following methods:

  1. Sponsors (family and friends) are to provide monetary support to a beneficiary by donating materials valued at N30/kg to facilitate the speedy resolution of their cases in court.
  2. We are appealing to members of the public to make a commitment to donate 1,000,000 kg of recyclables materials to support the beneficiaries.
  3. We are not asking for cash. GIVE US YOUR TRASH and help a detainee have his day in court.
  4. If interested in donating your trash, we will connect you with a participating recycler in your community where your waste can be dropped off.


Funto Boroffice, Founder & Convener
Juliet Odhikori, Program Manager

The indiscriminate disposal of waste not only affects us as humans, but also affects life under water and the future generation to come. The onus is on us to do the right thing and promote circular economy and use waste to solve some of the Earth’s biggest issues – Funto Boroffice