#Protect10,000 ….Providing Pro-poor social inclusion programs for 10,000 waste pickers in FCT

We are collaborating with the Association of Bola-Bola (Metal, Scrap) and Craftsmanship Abuja to enhance the social protection of their 10,000 member- informal sector waste pickers and vulnerable groups dependent on waste for their livelihoods.

Urban waste pickers are among the poorest people in Nigeria and in FCT. Most live in squatter settlements on top of landfills. They are exposed to many health risks through unprotected handling of waste materials and due to their poor living conditions. They face injuries from people, dogs, rats, and other vectors, if you include the exposure to biological and chemical risks from contact with used syringes and blood bags, toxic substances, fecal matter, health care wastes and other materials in the waste stream. They are also exposed to physical problems due to the physically taxing nature of the work, and psychological and social disadvantages stemming from their low social status. The waste picking profession is also despised by the rest of society, despite its contribution to removing and recycling large quantities of waste.

We have identified five social protection schemes crucial to support the waste pickers
– micro-finance/cooperative,
– saving and credit mobilization,
– preventive health care,
– cash transfer, and
– issue of identity card.

Our program will also contribute to the ‘triple bottom line’ ̶ creating jobs, reducing the environmental damage caused by growing use of disposable goods, and cutting fiscal costs by reducing solid waste management expenses
To realize our vision of genuine social inclusion, our programs will support waste pickers with opportunities throughout the broader economy with the development of basic literacy, financial inclusion and social resources.We aim to do the following:

i. Provide financial inclusion the waste pickers by the opening of Green Accounts with their picked waste. This service of financial inclusion will be provided in partnership with Chanja Datti and Jaiz bank Plc.
ii. Provide Health and Safety trainings for the association and waste pickers.
iii. Provide Personal Protective equipment (PPEs) including uniforms, safety vests and ID tags to imbue them with a sense of professionalism and facilitate social acceptance as they move about the city.

Our long term goal is to obtain FCT approval for a door-to-door collection system, allowing the cooperative to collect recyclables directly from households instead of the dump sites in a formal manner.


Funto Boroffice, Founder & Convener
Juliet Odhikori, Program Manager

The indiscriminate disposal of waste not only affects us as humans, but also affects life under water and the future generation to come. The onus is on us to do the right thing and promote circular economy and use waste to solve some of the Earth’s biggest issues – Funto Boroffice