The PROJECTS include:
A. Bottles-For-Books (B4B).
To be the highest contributor to the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #4 particularly in Nigeria and Africa in general by using recyclable waste as a currency, and be recognized as the premier resource hub for the improvement and training of out-of-school children and eradication of illiteracy in Africa, while keeping our environment clean and promoting recycling and good health.

To make sure that no child/young adult is deprived the fundamental human right of quality education, by converting recyclable trash into currency that can then be used as the vehicle to kick away illiteracy in Nigeria and Africa.

The goal of Bottles-for-Books initiative per year is to:

  • Enroll 500 primary school kids into school by the year 2020; with main focus on Primary school age kids with 60% of the target being girls while the remaining 40% will be boys. For 2019, we are starting with 100 kids.
  • Enroll 50 Secondary School students.
  • Register 50 School leavers in external examinations like UTME, NECO, WAEC, NABTEB etc.
  • Assist 50 University Students in payment of tuition and other fees.

The methodology of this project is it requires approximately N15,000 for an out-of-school child to attend a public primary school in Nigeria for a full year, we monetized the quantity of waste (recyclables) required at N30/kg, the child or his/her parent/guardian brings half while the sponsor who we help solicit for, brings the other half. Through this methodology, we not only clean the environment, but the child is supported in attending school.
Therefore, we solicit that you:

  1. Support one of our identified out of school children (we have attached their bio data).
  2. Select and put your name and contact information in the Sponsor cell, so we know which child you are committing to support.
  3. Our mantra is ‘Give us your Trash, not your cash’, so we ask that you make a commitment to collect 250kg of recyclable waste from your home, office and from friends interested in supporting your commitment to this child.


  1. Organized Private Sectors
  2. Companies
  3. Churches
  4. Mosques
  5. Individuals
  6. Government Agencies
  7. Community Leaders
  8. Schools

a. IDENTIFY: Identify the out-of-school child, school-leaver or undergraduates through our website. Click on the link:
b. SUPPORT: Support the child/student by bringing half of the total weight of recyclables needed for his/her schooling or examination registration.
c. MONITOR: We monitor the academic progress of the child/student and relate to the sponsor periodically, especially at the end of every academic session.
d. SYNERGY: We work with community leaders, Head of Schools, Parents and Guardians, building relationship with them in other to have a green environment and educated kids.


Funto Boroffice, Founder & Convener
Emanuel Onyia, Program Manager

The indiscriminate disposal of waste not only affects us as humans, but also affects life under water and the future generation to come. The onus is on us to do the right thing and promote circular economy and use waste to solve some of the Earth’s biggest issues – Funto Boroffice