Donate 40ft containers or equivalent to build a recycling hub in each LGA in Nigeria

It is our vision to have an environmental friendly atmosphere through the promotion of recycling culture, healthy environment and diversion of waste from landfills into circular economy. The mission of PROJECT 774 is to make sure that all the 774 Local Government Areas in Nigeria has at least ONE RECYCLING HUB where residents can easily drop their trash for value.

The long term goal of the project is to create over 1,548 full-time jobs and 25,000 part-time jobs annually as well as financial inclusion of the citizenry in the bottom of the pyramid. Our method is setting up of a recycling hub (40ft container) in the dirtiest town in each local government. Two full-time employees (Inventory Officer and Sorter) will man each hub with the mandate of taking note of the recyclables supplied by each individual, separating and sorting and creating of a Green Account for each client.

You can get involved in this project by:
a. Donation of 40ft container
b. Donation of Laptops and its accessories
c. Donation of PPEs


Funto Boroffice, Founder & Convener
Juliet Odhikori, Program Manager

The indiscriminate disposal of waste not only affects us as humans, but also affects life under water and the future generation to come. The onus is on us to do the right thing and promote circular economy and use waste to solve some of the Earth’s biggest issues – Funto Boroffice